ArubaOS Switch Software Version 16.03 Released

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Key Features:

  • VSF on 2930F: 2930F supports up to 4 members on a VSF stack. Supported on 1G and 10G links.
  • Fast software upgrade on 5400R: Reduced downtime on 5400R stacks with VSF during software upgrade.
  • IP SLA for Voice: Support for measuring voice quality metrics to address the top use case for performance monitoring in the Campus.
  • Aruba integration features: Central support for 2540, 3810 and 5400R and several better-together features.
  • L3 features on 2930F: Support for PIM, PBR and VRRP on 2930F.
  • Additional platforms on Aruba Central: Support for 2540, 3810 and 5400R on Aruba Central.
  • Firmware upgrade on Aruba Activate: Latest firmware from MyNetworkingPortal will be available on the Aruba Activate portal when switch connects.
  • Static IP visibility: RADIUS accounting for clients with static IP address.
  • Aruba Central enhancements: Several enhancements including CLI Window and ability to monitor Syslog and SNMP via external tools.
  • Airwave enhancements: Support for 2540 and Wired user visibility.
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