Mobile Devices, Cloud Apps, and the Digital Workplace

Join Aruba and TechTarget as we explore the impact of mobile devices and cloud apps on your organization. There will be a special emphasis on vertical industries such as retail and education, plus a deep dive into healthcare. Our experts will also explain what organizations need to do to modernize their mobile network infrastructure to support the transformation to the digital workplace.

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The latest tech is moving the workplace at lightning speed and its key that you keep up.

Here are 2 important reasons why:

  1. Modern technology sits at the intersection of employee productivity and business success
  2. Strong employees (millennials and seasoned pros alike) want to be a part of an organization that embodies a digital environment

In this webcast, freelance technology author/speaker Brien Posey dives into the benefits of a truly digital organization, why it’s becoming more and more critical for organizations like yours to embrace mobile devices and cloud apps, and specific technologies that you can leverage  (and how) to really be digital.

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