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Aruba Launches 1850 Series Switches

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HPE OfficeConnect 1850 Switch Series devices are basic smart-managed, fixed-configuration Gigabit plus 10 Gigabit Ethernet Layer 2 switches designed for small businesses looking for key features in an easy-to-administer solution. The series is part of the OfficeConnect portfolio of Hewlett Packard Enterprise small business networking products. The series consists of 5 switches including non-PoE and PoE+ models. For high bandwidth networking, all models include 10GBASE-T ports. The 24 port models include 2 10GBASE-T ports; the 48 port models include 4 10GBASE-T ports and an 8 port model includes 8 10GBASE-T ports with 2 dual personality SFP+ ports and can serve as a point of 10 Gigabit network aggregation. All HPE OfficeConnect 1850 Switches support flexible installation options, including mounting on wall, under table, or on desktop.

New/Refreshed SKUs:

New SKUs SKU Description
JL170A HPE OfficeConnect 1850 24G 2XGT Switch
JL171A HPE OfficeConnect 1850 48G 4XGT Switch
JL172A HPE OfficeConnect 1850 24G 2XGT PoE+ 185W Switch
JL173A HPE OfficeConnect 1850 48G 4XGT PoE+ 370W Switch
JL169A HPE OfficeConnect 1850 6XGT and 2XGT/SFP+ Switch

Key Features:

  • 24- and 48 port models include 10GBASE-T 10 gigabit copper ports.
  • Non-PoE and PoE+ 24- and 48 port models.
  • 8 port 10GBASE-T switch with 2 SFP+ dual personality ports.
  • Intuitive Web management interface for easy switch configuration.
  • Limited lifetime warranty.

Competitive Advantages or Key Innovations:

  • Unique offering in the SMB web managed aggregator space: 6 port 10GBASE-T switch with 2 dual-personality 10GBASE-T or 10G SFP+ slots. No other vendor have this kind of offering in the market today.
  • HPE OfficeConnect 1850 switch series now provides a choice of cost-efficient, basic layer 2, smart managed gigabit switches with 10GBASE-T copper ports for small business customers with demanding network bandwidth requirements.


ArubaOS Switch Software Version 16.03 Released

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Key Features:

  • VSF on 2930F: 2930F supports up to 4 members on a VSF stack. Supported on 1G and 10G links.
  • Fast software upgrade on 5400R: Reduced downtime on 5400R stacks with VSF during software upgrade.
  • IP SLA for Voice: Support for measuring voice quality metrics to address the top use case for performance monitoring in the Campus.
  • Aruba integration features: Central support for 2540, 3810 and 5400R and several better-together features.
  • L3 features on 2930F: Support for PIM, PBR and VRRP on 2930F.
  • Additional platforms on Aruba Central: Support for 2540, 3810 and 5400R on Aruba Central.
  • Firmware upgrade on Aruba Activate: Latest firmware from MyNetworkingPortal will be available on the Aruba Activate portal when switch connects.
  • Static IP visibility: RADIUS accounting for clients with static IP address.
  • Aruba Central enhancements: Several enhancements including CLI Window and ability to monitor Syslog and SNMP via external tools.
  • Airwave enhancements: Support for 2540 and Wired user visibility.

Aruba Launches new 2540 Series Switches

IoT ready and cloud manageable access switch.

Designed for the digital workplace, the Aruba 2540 Switch Series is optimized for mobile users. With advanced security and network management tools — Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager and Aruba AirWave — this layer-2 access switch is easy to deploy and manage.

With support from cloud-based Aruba Central, you can quickly set up remote branch sites with little or no IT help.

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